T-14 armata [1] a russian army t-14 armata tank in rehearsal for victory day celebrations. Type main battle tank place of origin russia service history used by russian ground forces production history designer ural design bureau of transport machine-building, uralvagonzavod [2] manufacturer uralvagonzavod [2] unit cost t-14: $3. 7 million [3] [4] produced 2015–present [5] no. Built 100+ [6] specifications weight 48 tonnes [7] length 8. 7 m (29 ft) [7] width 3. 5 m (11 ft) height 3. 3 m (11 ft) crew 3 [2] [5] armor 44s-sv-sh [2] [8]. Glacis: 900 mm vs apfsds and 1400 vs heat. Internal armored capsule with more than 900 mm rha equivalent [9] malachit (4th generation era) can reduce penetration of apfsds and heat rounds by at least 50% [10] main armament. 125 mm (4. 92 in) smoothbore 2a82-1m tank cannon [5] with 45 rounds (32 of them in the autoloader) [11] future version may use the smoothbore 2a83 152 mm gun secondary armament. 12. 7 mm (0. 50 in) kord machine gun (6p49), 7. 62 mm (0. 30 in) pktm machine gun (6p7к) engine diesel 1,500 hp [12]–2,000 hp [12] power/weight 31hp/t transmission 12-speed automatic gearbox operational range. Min [12] 500 kilometres (310 mi) speed 80 km/h (50 mph)–90 km/h (56 mph) (estimated) [12]. V t e. Post–cold war tanks. List category. Under 120 mm gun Аskona — правильный выбор диванов для здорового сна и качественного отдыха. Многообразие моделей, скидки и отличные условия для приобретения в рассрочку!. Больше информации по телефону в москве: 8 800 200-40-90.. Ch'ŏnma-ho ramses ii. Under 50 tonnes. Al-zarrar al-khalid black tiger p'okpoong-ho pl-01 pt-91 twardy t-84 t-90 type 10 type 59g type 96 zulfiqar. Over 50 tonnes. Ariete arjun bm oplot challenger 2 k1 88-tank k2 black panther leclerc leopard 2 m1 abrams m60-2000 merkava sabra type 90 type 99 tank t-14 armata vt-4 main battle tank. Not in service. Altay black eagle ee-t1 osório m-95 degman m-84as t-95 tank ex type 99km. Tank history class wwi interwar wwii cold war post–cold war. The t-14 armata ( russian: т-14 «армата»; industrial designation "ob'yekt 148") is a russian main battle tank based on the armata universal combat platform. It is the first series-produced next generation tank. [13] the russian army planned to acquire 2,300 Ортопедические диваны Венето. - YouTube t-14s in the period 2015–2020 but production and fiscal shortfalls will restrict the number built to just 100 by 2020. [14] [15] [16] the first batch of t-14 armata tanks will be deployed to the taman division after 2020, tanks will be transferred only after the completion of all state tests. [17]. Contents. 1 design 1. 1 armament 1. 2 mobility 1. 3 protection 1. 4 sensors and communication 2 victory day parade 3 nato response 4 export 4. 1 egypt 4. 2 asia-pacific 5 image gallery 6 see also 7 references 8 external links. Design [ edit ]. Featuring a number of innovative characteristics, the t-14 represents a new generation of russian main battle tanks. The most significant novelty is an unmanned turret, with the crew of three seated in an armored capsule in the front of the hull. The development of the tank took five years. [18]. Armament [ edit ]. The main armament of the t-14 is the 2a82-1m 125 mm (4. 92 in) smoothbore cannon, [5] [19] a replacement for the 2a46 125 mm gun of previous russian and soviet tanks. Its muzzle energy is greater than one of the world’s previously considered best cannons: the german Практичные матрасы для диванов тонкие складные удобно хранить и использовать, а заказывать их выгодно в популярном интернет-магазине многосна по ценам от 2607 р до 19192 р. leopard 2 rheinmetall 120 mm gun. [20] the 125 mm gun has 15–20% improved accuracy and its rolling fire angular dispersion has improved 1. 7 times. [20] features include an absence of a fume extractor (due to the unmanned turret), a firing rate of 10–12 rpm (rounds per minute), left side casing ejection port for the 125 mm gun [21] and a maximum effective-penetration range of 8 km with atgms. The detection range of the tank's optical sensors is more than 5 km [12] for tank-sized targets in daylight, Матрас для дивана или топпер – полезный и многофункциональный спальный аксессуар. Он поможет улучшить комфортабельность сна, защитить спальное место от загрязнений, отсекает вариант появления пылевых клещей, плесени, продлит срок эксплуатации вашего дивана или кровати. Используя. and at least 3. 5 km at night through the thermal imaging channel. The gunner sight's optical channel is equipped with 4× and 12× optical zoom. [2] the laser rangefinder has a theoretical maximum range of 7. 5 km. [12] these systems are duplicated; in addition there is a weaker third system that can fire on the move. The crew uses a high-definition camera with a 360-degree field. [22]. The 2a82-1m 125 mm cannon can fire high-powered munitions, including armor-piercing discarding sabot projectiles, guided missiles, shaped-charges and other types of munitions. [23] the vacuum-1 sabot round, developed for the 2a82-1m gun, has a penetrator that is 900 mm long, [2] and is capable of penetrating 1 m of rha equivalent at a distance of 2 km. [24] [25] [26] the new controlled-detonation telnik he-frag shell is also available and has entered service. [27] [28] the gun is also capable of firing guided missiles like the 9m119m1 invar-m which has an effective range of 100 m to 5 km and can also engage low-flying air targets such as helicopters. [29] a feature first implemented on 1960s soviet tanks, with a new 3ubk21 sprinter atgm developed specifically for it. These missiles can be used for air defense. [12]. The secondary armament consists of a 12. 7 mm kord ( grau index 6p49) machine gun with 300 rounds (not observed during the 2015 parade) and a 7. 62 mm pecheneg pkp ( grau index: 6p41) or a pktm (6p7к) machine gun with 1,000 rounds. [2] [29] [30] all guns are remotely controlled. [29] in addition, another 1,000 rounds can be stored separately. [18] a 12. 7 mm machine gun is installed above the turret roof-mounted commander's sight, which avoids visual obstructions, while the turret front has a peculiar slit that is speculated to be intended for the coaxial 7. 62 mm machinegun. The tank’s turret might also be fitted with a 30 mm sub-caliber ranging gun to deal with various targets, including low-flying aerial targets, such as attack planes and helicopters. [20] [23]. In the future, the t-14 may use the 2a83 152 mm gun instead of its current 2a82 125 mm gun. [29] [31] [32] [33] this gun, created around 2000 for the t-95 prototype, [2] has a high-speed apfsds shell with a 1,980 m/s muzzle velocity, only dropping to 1,900 m/s at 2 km. [34] [35] [36] [37] however, russian engineers have so far kept the 125 mm-size gun, assessing that improvements in ammunition could be enough to increase effectiveness, while concluding that a larger bore weapon would offer few practical advantages. [38]. The t-14 can use anti-aircraft missiles. [2] [39] a 30 mm anti-aircraft gun may be installed in the near future along with the 12. 7 machine gun. [40]. Mobility [ edit ]. The t-14 is powered by a chtz 12н360 (a-85-3a) diesel engine [2] [41] delivering up to 1,500 hp. [2] the engine's theoretical maximum power, not normally used, [42] is 2,000 hp, at the cost of radically decreasing its service life, projected min [43] 2,000 hours at nominal 1,500 hp, [2] comparable to other modern tank engines, and up to 10,000 hours at moderated 1,200 hp. [41] the engine купить тюнинг фары на газ 31105 is electronically controlled. [15] operational range is Если вы находитесь на нашем сайте, то вы определенно ищите, где купить матрас для дивана и какой лучше выбрать для сна или отдыха. Это можно сделать в нашем интернет-магазине, но предварительно определившись с тем, какой именно вам лучше всего подойдет. Мы успешно продаем. over 500 km. Диваны спб. Для ежедневного сна PASSO от GALA Collezione - YouTube [22]. The t-14 has a 12-speed automatic gearbox, with a top speed of 80–90 kilometres per hour (50–56 mph) and a range of 500 kilometres (310 mi). [2] at least one expert speculated that the transmission might be an electronically controlled mechanical gearbox with external reverse and demultiplier gears, giving the tank equal forward and reverse gear ranges. [44] other sources suggest a partly or fully hydrostatic transmission. [45] uniquely for a soviet/russian design, the transmission is joined with the engine into a single unit that can be swapped out in the field in just under 30 minutes (source? ). Unlike previous russian and soviet designs, such as the t-90/ 80/ 72/ 64, the t-14 has seven 700 mm road wheels per side, based on the t-80 variant. [45] it has the ability to adjust the suspension of at least the two first roadwheels, and, probably, the last ones. [46] in the 2015 moscow victory day parade rehearsal video, a t-14 armata is shown retracting one of its frontal first wheels during turns. This, and some recently published design blueprints, [46] suggest at least a partial hydraulic suspension system based on the adjustable lever arm shock absorbers that now double as suspension actuators. [46] this may have been done to improve the pivoting ability of the tank, as an active suspension system improves the target lock time by a factor of 2. 2, and reduces the timeframe between target detection and reaction by 31 percent, all due to the resulting smoother ride. [2] [46]. Much thought was given to the tank's strategic mobility. Its moderate mass of ~48 tons allows it to be easily rail and trailer-transported, conserving its engine and transmission's service life, and it can navigate most of the solidly built bridges in the country, unlike, for example, the japanese type 90 kyū-maru mbt, whose 50+ ton mass and large size forces it to operate only in areas with specially reinforced bridges and railways with sufficient clearance. [47] two t-14s with their crews and all attending equipment can be easily airlifted by the heavy an-124 transport plane. However, the most numerous russian strategic airlifter, the il-76, is able to lift this mass only in its newest, ps-90-equipped variant. Protection [ edit ]. The t-14 armata tank in the 2015 moscow victory day parade. The t-14's crew of three is protected by an internal armored capsule [2] with more than 900 mm rha equivalent, [2] increasing their chance of survival in case of a catastrophic kill. [25] [48] both the chassis and the turret are equipped with the malachit dual explosive reactive armour (era) system on the front, sides and the 23 май 2016. Как выбрать и купить матрас, который на долгие годы обеспечит вам спокойный и комфортный сон?. Рынок матрасов огромен: и мебельные фирмы, и специализированные компании предлагают сотни вариантов. top. [26] [49] the turret's shape is designed to reduce its radio and thermal signature. [26] the tank uses an integrated, computerized control system which monitors the state and functions of all tank modules. In battle, the software can analyze threats and then either suggest or automatically take actions to eliminate them, while without the external threat it can detect and rectify crew errors. [29] serial production of the armata platform's ceramic armor compon...

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